Ebola Prophecy August 2012!

Excerpted from the following chapter….

What will you do, oh America? For, foreign troops are already within your borders. Your demise is being carefully plotted! Your wicked leaders are ready to begin the spreading of the poisonous gases in great measures.  They are ready to spread the terrible and incurable plagues among you, for which there are no remedies!  They have gained control of your health care and your hospitals will become massive execution camps! Drugs will be willfully withheld from any and all of you, who find yourselves in their care, so that they might hasten your deaths at will.



Chapter Ninety-Three



Now, My Blessed Child, I tell you about My house!  I tell you about My house in this nation!  For, I called you, oh House of Israel, from the distant lands to which I scattered you! I kept My promises to you, oh House of Israel, that even as I scattered you, I would bring you together again!  But, even as I blessed you and made you great above all nations, I shall now debase you and I shall make you the shame of all nations!

Many will lament you, oh America; for they have idolized you!  They have thrived on your vanities and they have sucked up your decadence!

Yes, you, My people of America, oh House of Israel, have dropped your skirts and your trousers for every whore and for every whoremonger, that came along!  You have perverted yourselves with every sin of the flesh! You have trampled what is holy and you have idolized every vain thing.

Oh, Yes! You have your idols and you have created them all: movie stars; cars; houses; televisions; movies; cell phones; internet phones; video games; lavish vacations; money, and all that it can buy; and sexual perversions of all kinds! Yes, you have glorified bizarre and kinky sex! You have idolized glamour, and clothes, and every new hairdo and every new kind of make-up and all that pertains to this wicked world!

You whorish woman, America, you have put Sodom to shame!  Sodom and Gomorrah, two wicked cities!  But, you, oh America, you have surpassed these wicked cities with your decadence, and through your movie industries, and through your perverted music, you have polluted the hearts and minds of the people all over the world.

And, through your unbridled greed and lusts for more and more of this, or that, you have arisen in your military might to conquer every nation on earth!  And, you have laid snares for the various leaders of many governments all over the world, that you might enter in and subdue them, take over their governments and trample the rights of the people!

You are sleeping, oh you wicked woman of America!  And, while you have slept your statue of liberty, your symbol of freedom has fallen down into the Gulf of Mexico, even as I showed My true servant (A.A Allen) many decades past. Yes, with the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and with the destruction of the Gulf currents, your liberties fell and you will not recover your liberties!

Oh, Father, will You tell me more about this last paragraph?

Yes, My Little One, I will further explain. Firstly, with the massive oil eruption and with the massive release of poisons and toxic chemicals and gases amidst the oil and the following spraying of the poisons into the air and water around the Gulf, and over the Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico has been poisoned and is now unable to sustain healthy sea life.  It was poisoned and continues to be poisoned!  Therefore, many fish and other marine life have died and will continue to die! (Note: there is now a vast fish kill along the Texas Coast, just one of many, many, which have hit the Gulf Coastal areas!)

You also remember well, My Little One, that due to your cries, I sent giant geographical angels into the great crack, which lies on the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico; and I sent these angels to subdue the flow of oil, to lessen it, so that this flow could be somewhat controlled, though it has never been fully under control.  For, there has remained the continual seepage of oil from the ruptured seabed. (Great is the mercy of our Mighty God.)

However, at this time, My Blessed Child, as you know, I have removed the geographical angels from the Gulf floor, who have guarded this great crack in the seabed. And, now many poisonous gases are emptying all along the coastal regions of the Gulf, and under the Gulf of Mexico. (Search for information about the great release of gases in Assumption Parish Louisiana and the giant sinkhole, which recently developed there.)

Also, with the poisoning of the water and with the poisoning of the air, many humans have become terminally ill and you will never know the true extent of the great illnesses, which have been caused by all of these poisons. (Search for the ‘blue plague’ in the search engines.)

So, My Little One, the fish from the Gulf, are greatly contaminated and anyone, who eats them, is subject to being poisoned to some degree!

Furthermore, the vast quantity of oil, which rests on the sea floor has interfered with the flow of the Gulf Stream, as you know, and well understand.  But, what many do not understand is that the Gulf Stream has steadily brought copious amounts of moisture not only to the states, which border the Gulf, but to the heartland of America.

Therefore, you, in your great greed, have not only poisoned yourselves, you have cut off much of the rain, which you would have received through the Gulf currents. For, this vast amount of oil has surely crippled the flow of the Gulf stream in the Gulf of Mexico.

(Note: the comments in Italics are mine, ln)

But, even so, this is part of My great judgment against those in the Gulf states and in the heartland of the USA, particularly My great judgment against the putrid churches in the Bible Belt!

To you wicked, perverted, rotten, lukewarm people, who sit in the greatest numbers of the churches in the Bible Belt, who do you think I am? A dog?  That you should serve Me rotten, putrid, and maggot-filled meat! I hate your raucous praises! You will do better to find a saloon, or a bar, and to go there and to throw out your loud, discordant and whorish music to those, who thrive on it!

My house is to be a House of Prayer, you raucous and rowdy bunch!  I will not hear your decadent praises, and I will not accept the prayers, which come from lukewarm and sin-filled hearts.

I am wroth with you, you Bible-belt preachers, and if you do not repent in great numbers, I will surely divide the New Madrid fault in such a way that I split this nation into two parts; and I will set a great gulf of water in the middle part of this nation and I will cause the Gulf of Mexico to move inland until I have sufficiently removed you from My sight!

Overwhelmingly, you preachers in the Bible belt do not have My Spirit. You teach a pre-digested word, one, which will gain you favor with your congregations, and you will not cause My people to repent! Therefore, My wrath is being poured out upon you, oh Bible belt churches, and I will only increase My anger; for I am wroth! And, through this great disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I am beginning to strip your pride, oh America!

Through the lack of rain to much of this nation, which would have come to you through the Gulf Stream, I will take away your independence, oh America; and soon you will grunt and struggle to find, even the grains, which were once plentiful in your nation! 

For, my eyes are set upon you, oh America; and My heart is set upon you, oh America, to take away your liberties.  And, yes! The lady of liberty has fallen in the Gulf of Mexico. For, not only have you derived much of your food from the Gulf of Mexico, you have derived much of your rain and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico!

In no nation on this earth are there more churches than in America, particularly in the Bible belt of America. You are an affront to Me, you filthy and perverted bunch; and I have set My sights on you!  Therefore, you will either repent, or perish!

I have warned you, oh you arrogant preachers, for years, even through the words that I have given to My servant, Linda Newkirk. Yes, she has written My words and I have raised up helpers through the years, to help her to get My repentance messages to you! And, Yes!  You have received these messages! Vast numbers of you in these churches have received these messages, and vast numbers of you preachers have received these messages!  But, you have not repented! You did not repent when you received the repentance messages and you did not cause My people to repent! And, furthermore, you have not repented, even to this day!

But, you throw your putrid meat and your sour milk into My face! Therefore, I am against you, you harlot churches, and I shall bring you down!

For, now you see droughts and soon you will see the results of the droughts!  For, famine shall surely come upon you like a thief in the night!

And, as the calamities hit you, your dollar, in which you put so much faith, will also begin to burn!  And, it is even now burning, losing value on very front!

But, I tell you one thing that some of you may not know: the Wall Street Bull is caught in a snare!  He is in a very great snare and he cannot extricate himself from this snare!

The only reason that the bull has not fallen and you have not yet fallen as a nation is I! I am that Reason!  Through My great mercies to you in this nation, I have extended time!

For many years, I have pleaded with you, oh America, through the mouths of My prophets, through the mouths of some of My preachers, I have pleaded with you to repent!  I have extended My grace!  I have extended extra time also, by dragging out My works of Revelation Twelve. But, what have you done with the time, oh America?  What have you done with the added grace, oh America?

I tell you what you have done, you wicked woman, America!  You have prided yourselves in your self-sufficiency. You have whored yourself with your many perverted lovers!  You have lifted up the sodomites and you have lauded the unnatural act of same-sex marriage!  You cowardly ones have bent down to every perverted demand; for you do not care about any right, or moral codes of ethics, which I have set up among you! You care about this wicked world and every perverted and violent act!

Therefore, as you love perversions, I will send many foreign troops into your midst!  They will rape you and your children; and they will carry many of you away to be their sex slaves and sex toys!

Furthermore, as you love violence, any kind of violence, and idolize violence in movies and fill your homes with violence through movies and television, I will send great violence upon you!  I shall raise up foreign armies and I shall send a band of armies upon you!  They will invade your nation by air, by sea, and by land and they will rain violence down upon you until few of you are left!  They will haul you away in vast numbers and will exterminate you violently!  They will shoot you down; for they are cold blooded killers; or they will cut off your heads, for you will die violently in great numbers!

But, some of you will be sent to mind control camps and you will suffer much violence as your wicked captors break your will and as they break your minds through violent programming!

What will you do, oh America? For, foreign troops are already within your borders. Your demise is being carefully plotted! Your wicked leaders are ready to begin the spreading of the poisonous gases in great measures.  They are ready to spread the terrible and incurable plagues among you, for which there are no remedies!  They have gained control of your health care and your hospitals will become massive execution camps! Drugs will be willfully withheld from any and all of you, who find yourselves in their care, so that they might hasten your deaths at will.

Your plate is full, oh America! Your plate is full and overflowing with your rottenness and with your decadence. Now, you will eat!  Yes! You will say, “We will not eat!”  But, I tell you that you will eat! 

Violence breeds violence! You have loved violence, oh America; and now violence comes to you! You will now reap it, you harlot daughter!  You will reap violence in your streets!  Violence in your neighborhoods! Violence in your cities!  Violence everywhere! Violence all across this nation as people fight for food, as they fight for water, as they fight for sustenance of any king!

For, I tell you this: there is not one small crack in your whole economic structure!  There is a giant abyss!  This great economic gap is irreparable! Therefore, soon it will be everyone for himself, or herself! The whole world will see My punishment upon America, The Wicked!

Hear Me in this, you decadent nation!  The wolf if not just at your door!  The wolf is within your gates and the wolf is already devouring America!

I have warned you that the rumors of the great numbers of foreign troops within your borders are not rumors, but truths!  These foreign troops, who have been invited into this nation by you Satanic president and his Satanic allies, will soon accelerate in their assaults against a sleeping nation. These wicked foreign troops will be used to attack you, oh America, in any and every way possible, from weather wars against you, to the gassing of the cities, to subtle and not so subtle attacks on the infrastructure of this nation, from one side of this nation to the other. You are on the way down, oh you arrogant nation of America!  Now, you will surely repent or perish!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, yes even your Saviour, and besides me there is NO GOD, and besides Me, there is NO SAVIOUR!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of August, 2012,

Linda Newkirk